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The Impossible

The Perfect Storm For Success

The last chapter acts as a round up point to explain how all the individual steps lead to the creation of the perfect storm for success. Greg uses two models to highlight all the different aspects to achieving ‘The Perfect Storm of Success”, they are: ‘The Journey to Success’ and ‘ The Model Of Success’. These models can act as a checklist to what is necessary to achieve success in your goals. Throughout the book, it is made clear that reflection on performance in all aspects is vital to improving your abilities, only by reflecting can you understand how and why you achieve the results you do and take action to improve your performance to achieve the results you desire. Finally Greg suggests that once you have achieved success in your goal, it is essential to both celebrate the successes you achieved and to continue to set yourself goals and challenges. By doing this and never resting on your laurels, you will continue to achieve more than you ever thought you could, you truly can achieve what you once thought was impossible.