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The Impossible

The Delivery Of Success

It is not uncommon that the delivery of success is often overlooked when people are planning a large scale challenge or task. People often consider the delivery of the task just turning up and completing it however, there is a lot more than originally considered. Greg discusses the topic of the “fear of success” which most don’t believe can be true, however he succinctly explains how it can affect performers of all abilties. He then proceeds to identify a method of overcoming it. Greg also suggests the use of visualisation in preparation to the delivery your challenge, by doing this you can plan out and tweak little components of performance that are required to succeed in your vision.

Greg utilises his experience working with the Comic Relief Kilimanjaro Climb to highlight the importance of having personalised plans in the delivery phase and having an established pace of delivery. He talks about how before the challenge he had the team come into CHHP where he tested the effects of altitude on each member to create tailored altitude plans for each member.

The Davina Beyond Breaking Point example highlights the importance of strategizing against potholes and low points in the delivery of your vision. The importance of acting fast in these situations is also made very clear, as only 4 hours into the multi day challenge, Greg made the decision to stop just to reaffirm Davina who was losing the brain of success. Walliams vs. The Thames challenge is used to demonstrate the necessity of not assuming success will just occur. Whenever you take on a large challenge or task, there will always be something that crops up and has the potential to affect the chance of success. This perfectly highlights the importance of thorough preparation and if-then plans.

You can find out how the Comic Relief Team, Davina, David and Greg got on in the videos below:

The Big Red Nose Climb
David Walliams vs. The Thames
Davina: Beyond Breaking Point