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The Impossible

The Team Of Success

In this chapter Greg states and explains the sheer importance of building and using teams to achieve whatever challenge you have set out for yourself. Greg uses models and templates such as The Team Tyre, Team Filters and the Cogs of Success to visually demonstrate different ways of selecting your team and how to organise your team to ensure team efficiency is as high as possible. The chapter also highlights the necessity to delegate roles based on competencies of team members.

The examples used in this chapter to reinforce the importance of well-structured teamwork are: The Race Across America a challenge seeing Greg and 3 other cyclists take on a 3,000-mile cycle from California to Maryland in the USA. The other example is The Comic Relief Desert Trek that saw nine celebrities and Greg complete a 5-day 100 km walk across the Kaisut Desert in Kenya.

Greg uses The Race Across America to highlight how he established the need for a certain number of people in his team, then used the Team Member and Leader filters to qualify who was suitable to be a part of the team. The Comic Relief Desert Trek is used to perfectly display the need for all parts of the team to be working as well and as cohesive as possible to ensure success is achieved in the overall goal/challenge.

You can watch and find out how Greg and The Comic Relief Desert Trek Team below:

Comic Relief Desert Trek