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The Impossible

The Road To Success

Chapter 5 provides an understanding of The Road to Success, Greg talks about the steps needed in the planning stage to ensure success is achieved. Through the use of macro-, meso- and micro-cycles in the preparation phase of your task, large obstacles can be overcome or avoided increasing your chances for success.

Greg uses 2 examples to demonstrate the use of this planning and how it can overcome both physical and psychological barriers to success. The physical element is supported by Greg’s case study of Jon Smith, ex-footballer, plagued with injuries from his career, took on the challenge to become the oldest man to complete the north pole marathon. Through the use of micro-cycles it was possible for Greg to break down the different physical aspects of Davina's abilities and plan to improve those that were below the Gold Standard. The psychological element is proven through Davina McCall’s 503 mile triathlon from Edinburgh to London in 2014. Greg focussed on overcoming her fear of open water swimming, through focussing on the swimming aspect of her task, he gradually took her from the pool to a open water training session, followed by the main event crossing Lake Windemere and successfully got Davina to conquer her fear of open water swimming.

You can find out how Davina and Jon’s challenges went by watching the videos below:

Davina: Beyond Breaking Point
Jon Smith's North Pole Marathon