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The Impossible

The Brain Of Success

Chapter 4 talks about the 3 fundamental elements of the “brain of success” being Commitment, Belief and Motivation. The concept of personal contracts is also suggested to keep your vision clear and increase your commitment. The chapter also goes on to discuss the ‘dark times’ in ultra endurance events where the athlete really starts to question why they are doing this, methods to combat these ‘dark times’ are also provided.This was perfectly demonstrated by David Walliams’ 2011, David audaciously decided to swim the Thames, a journey which would mean he would have to swim 140 miles in 8 days. Half way through David fell very ill and Greg describes the plan in place to get him through the ‘dark time’.

Greg explains the sheer importance of commitment in David Walliams’ 2006 Channel Swim, Greg talks about cutting to the key motivators to keep David focussed on why he was doing it, which maintained his commitment and focus to achieve his goal.

You can view how Greg and David got on in both challenges in the videos listed below:

Walliams vs. The Thames
Little Britain's Big Swim