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The Impossible

The Wheel Of Success

Chapter 3 describes and explain the use of the Wheel of Success, this is a powerful tool use to illustrate the individual determinants of success required to deliver success and how to use the wheel in planning and strategy formulation. The chapter also introduces the idea of an “If-Then” Plan, to provide some basis of a contingency plan in the cases of emergency.

In this case Greg uses the case study: “John Bishop’s Week of Hell”, in 2012 John was called into action to cycle, row and run from Paris to London. This is a perfect demonstration for the use of the Wheel of Success and an If-Then plan, as on the rowing phase of the challenge emergency action was required. The other example used in the book is Charlie Pitcher’s solo transatlantic rowing record, Greg discusses ‘the wheel of success’ and the use of profiling and monitoring (see the videos below), from which he then set specific programmes to achieve success.

You can view John’s very own wheel in the downloads section on the right.

You can find out how John, Charlie and Greg got on with their audacious challenge in the videos below :

John Bishop's Week of Hell
Charlie Pitcher's Solo Transatlantic Rowing Record