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The Impossible

The Vision Of Success

Chapter 2 discusses the necessity of setting and running your objectives through the SMART Flow, it also suggests what is required to ensure successful completion of your objectives and how to construct your own profile for success.

This chapter is perfectly supported by Eddie Izzard’s Marathon Man Challenge in 2009.
Eddie a comic with absolutely no experience of endurance running decided to embark on a challenge which would see him run 43 marathons in 51 days. Greg also reflects upon his experience of training Christine Bleakley in 2010, she had decided to water ski the English Channel, a task which was particularly hard for her due to her fear of open water and lack of water skiing experience. This example is used to illustrate the use of “SMART” principles in objectives setting. Greg used specifically targeted objectives to increase her confidence and tackle specific parts of the challenge to ensure she succeeded in her challenge.

Find out how Eddie, Christine and Greg got on in their challenges in the videos below:

Eddie Izzard Marathon Man
Christine Bleakley's Water Ski Challenge