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The Impossible

The Scales Of Success

The first chapter of the book works as an introduction to the process of setting a goal and what it takes to achieve success. It also introduces the law of diminishing returns, the different scales of success and the limits of human performance by breaking down performance into 4 parts: The Body, The Mind, The Technicalities and The Environment. The subject of barriers to success is also approached, encouraging the reader to consider them before continuing with their challenge or task.

Greg uses the ‘This Morning English Channel Swim’ to illustrate what is possible when you recognise the barriers to success and other key factors limiting performance. The example sees 4 ladies each with limited experience of swimming made more complex by the various different factors from their lives that impact on their performance, and through recognising this and planning appropriately Greg trains them to swim a relay across the English Channel. Greg also uses the case study of James Wood the first paraplegic to swim the channel, to prove the use of technology in overcoming barriers to success and achieving what was originally considered impossible to most.

Watch the footage of Greg and the ladies below to see how they got on:

This Morning Challenge Of Your Life: English Channel Relay Swim